Synergis Document Management System

  This past year, the Engineering department implemented a new document management system from Synergis called Adept 7.0. This system gives the department much tighter control over the drawings and documents they produce and does so in a streamlined easy-to-use fashion. In past years it took as much time to catalog new and revised documents as it did to actually prepare them. Now, Adept makes this much easier, and the department can get back to creating the documents that the company and it’s customers need to support the business.

  Adept’s close ties to engineering software packages, like those from Autodesk, allow it to work seamlessly with General Bearing’s CAD software. It can simplify many routine tasks, and can even accomplish previously intensive administrative chores with a few clicks of the mouse. Also, Synergis is committed to the Autodesk product line, and so General Bearing is assured that this solution will remain viable for a long time to come.

  All Electronic documents related to an Engineering project, including customer information, APQP, PPAP, validation testing results, drawings and design calculations are now instantly retrievable. Time savings and data accuracy have all been greatly enhanced.