New Joint Venture SDGBC for GBC

General Bearing Corp. has opened yet another new manufacturing facility in China. The company, Shandong General Bearing Co. Ltd. (SDGBC), is located in Zaozhuang City, Shandong, China, approximately halfway between Beijing and Shanghai. It has been created solely for the purpose of providing quality low-cost turned rings for GBC’s six other plants in China, and secondly as a resource for bearing manufacturers worldwide.

The venture is a partnership with the Jinhui Machinery Forging Co. GBC provides management and control of the new ring turning plant. It is strategically located directly next to the Jinhui forging plant, which has a total area of 1.5 million square feet, employing 680 workers, including many graduate engineers from the most prestigious Chinese, American and Japanese universities. Among a vast array of forging equipment, Jinhui owns two new Swiss-made Hatebur high speed automatic forging machines, an AMP 30-S and an AMP 50 XL both with German SMS induction heating units. Other equipment includes Austrian Aichelin atmosphere controlled spheroidizing annealing furnace, normalizing furnace, and complete mold and die making equipment.

SDGBC has opened its first building of 125,000 sq. ft. early in 2008. SDGBC has also built a first class, modern steel inspection laboratory complete with state-of-the-art instruments and apparatus for the inspection and testing of bearing steel according to American ASTM standard A 295, Chinese GB/T 18254, ISO 683-17 and other specifications. The Tech Lab equipment includes spectrograph, oxygen determinator, an ultrasonic tester, an eddy-current tester, and several microscopes.

The turning shop is equipped with the most modern numerically controlled CNC lathes. Bearing rings are fed in and taken out of the machines automatically and sequentially. Rings, after turning, are automatically inspected and measurements of major characteristics are recorded in computers and coefficient of machining capability upper and lower control limits are continuously calculated and recorded. Corners and radii are measured by German made, computer-aided Mahr profile measuring machines. Material flow and in-process inventory are controlled by an optical bar code system. This is one of the most modern turning shops in the world.