GBC New Automated Data Collection

 General Bearing went live with its new Automated Data Collection System in the West Nyack facility in May of 2007. Since then the system has allowed management to streamline the workflows of nearly all of the departments involved in moving inventory within the plant at West Nyack. Today, product is available to ship to customers minutes after it comes off of the assembly line. The company has also seen a dramatic improvement to its Work-in-Process inventory levels because of these new processes.

  Each member of the Receiving, Production, Inventory Control, and Shipping departments that touches inventory does so today with the help of their handheld RF barcode-reading terminals. These devices allow for the entry of inventory transactions, and validate that the correct parts, quantities, and lot numbers are being moved at the right time. The combination of speed and error-free entry enhance all aspects of material flow.

  This new system also allows General Bearing to tag each pallet of inventory with its own serial number, and to track those pallets as they are loaded on trucks for delivery. This detailed information can be transmitted to the customer via EDI and can provide further value to them by enhancing their receiving process.

  The Automated Data Collection System is living up to its promise of being the most significant addition to the company’s Business Operating System (BOS) since its initial rollout in mid-2001 and has greatly enhanced General Bearing’s ability to service customers.