GBC Tapered Roller Bearing Test Machine

Validation of design data through actual testing at application loads and speeds is critical to product reliability. Toward that goal, General Bearing Corporation’s Versatec Bearing tester is specifically designed to test heavily loaded tapered roller bearings and ball bearings specifically engineered for our Truck & Trailer and Automotive Customers. GBC has recently completed an upgrade that includes all mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, and data collection systems. Test data is now directly transferred to GBC’s internal network for easy access and reporting of results to our customers.

Features of the Re-engineered test stand are as follows:

Load Stations: Two independent test heads with up to four test bearings per head are driven by an electronically controlled 50 hp AC motor with infinite speed variability. Each test head includes four thermocouples to monitor each test bearing independently.

Load Capacity: A maximum test head radial load of 50,000 lbs. (220,000 Newtons) applied through Hydraulic Cylinders. The applied load is monitored in a continuous data file at a user specified time interval. A separate pure thrust load can also be added to the test with the addition of special tooling.

Bearing Size Capability: A maximum bearing outside diameter of 6.000” (152.4mm).

Vibration Shut-off: Each test head includes a vibration sensor that is user specified to between 0 - 1 in/in sec for motor shut-off.

Temperature Shut Off: Each individual test bearing’s operating temperature is read and stored in a data file, and linked to shut down the 50 Hp motor at a user specified temperature.

Test Control: All machine parameters including shut off limits, loads, and speeds are accessed via programmable logic control with a touch screen interface.

Test Data: Load, temperature, speed, and time are stored and downloaded in an Excel format for easy interpretation of results.

Test RPM and Lubrication: The machine is capable of speeds up to 6300 rpm, and is adjusted by operator interface. The lubrication is standard Mobil DTE 21 with a 20 gallon reservoir in combination with a water cooling system. Special oils can be incorporated.

General Bearing Corporation is fully committed to supplying our customers with high quality products that are fully validated for durability and performance. This machine upgrade, added to our expanding list of test equipment at our West Nyack headquarters, helps us to achieve that goal.