CQC Leaning Forward

In an effort to meet or exceed GBC’s strict new TS 16949 requirements, the China Quality Center (CQC) at NGBC has upgraded it systems to include Value Stream (“Lean”) analysis and appraisals. These improvements have been added to the current NGBC Lean Program. Leading the charge is Ms. Xie Ying, recently educated in Lean concepts by both NGBC training courses, and by CQC Manager Greg Webb, who undertook Value Stream Management training given by Visteon Corporation at the GBC West Nyack headquarters. Ms. Xie, at 5’9” tall and 108 pounds, has now been dubbed the “Lean Queen” by her colleagues. A veteran of the NGBC’s inspection team prior to moving over to CQC, Ms. Xie brings a strong understanding of the factory’s operations with her, and is perfectly suited for the tasks that Lean Analysis demands. Here she is seen measuring cycle times on the 6203 line.