Value Added Problem Solving

Tom Calvario of MAHX F. LINSTER (MFL) has worked with one of his distributors to solve an application problem at a national user account that yielded a significant cost savings.

A poultry processing plant was experiencing premature bearing failures due to the harsh environment of high humidity, contaminants and high-pressure wash downs. By combining GBC’s deep groove radial ball bearings (ABEC1) and Phymet/Micropoly®, Tom was able to provide a solution that added value to our 6200 series bearings by extending bearing life and eliminating costly maintenance and down time.

Micropoly® manufactured by Phymet Inc. is a solid lubricant that is a mixture of Polymer and oil, which creates a solid constant lubrication, while sealing out any and all contaminates i.e.: water, grit, etc.

A national account will enjoy a cost savings due to Tom’s efforts in solving a difficult application problem. Tom has taken his solution to other poultry users in the region and General Bearing now carries inventory of these bearings as an added value to our customers.