CQC Keeping Pace

(left to right) Zeng Shuang, CQC Assistant Manager, Xie Ying, Final Audit Inspector, Wang Li, QS9000 Auditor, Greg Webb, CQC Manager, Gan Xiao Yan, Gaging Supervisor

As the level of competition in the international bearing marketplace constantly accelerates, General Bearing has strived to keep ahead of the pace through delivery of high-quality product at enticingly low prices. Keeping quality squarely in the crosshairs, GBC established an overseas QA office in Asia, the China Quality Center (CQC). Formed as a direct arm of GBC Quality Assurance, its mission is primarily to oversee and assist our joint venture operations with technical communications, quality auditing, and with rigid QS9000 compliance issues.

Leading the overseas team is CQC Manager, Greg Webb, a 15-year veteran of GBC’s Quality Department. Having extensive knowledge of ball-bearing manufacturing methods and practices, Greg completed training in QS9000 auditing at Ford Motor Corporation’s Fairlane Technical Institute and was assigned the task of getting the CQC office off the ground five years ago. Living in China the majority of each year, he established a top-flight gaging center at CQC, developed strong working relationships with GBC’s joint venture managers, and has also managed to learn conversational Chinese.

Assistant Manager, Zeng Shuang, aka “Swan,” has been on the team since it’s inception. An honors graduate of the English and Foreign Trade program at Hunan University, she has been fully trained in quality systems and methods, both in China and at General Bearing in New York.

CQC Lead Auditor, Miss Wang Li, has recently completed a QS9000 Auditing course given by a Ningbo City technical school. Wang Li has been working steadily on auditing projects, both internal and external, since she came to CQC from Motorola (China) Quality Assurance early last year. She has a university degree from a well-respected iron and steel college in Sichuan Province, where she completed Advanced English studies in addition to her technical coursework.

Also receiving new training is Ms. Gan Xiao Yan, CQC’s Gaging Supervisor, who enjoys the status of senior CQC staff member. Xiao Yan (roughly pronounced Cheyenne) is responsible for maintenance and calibration of the growing arsenal of CQC gage systems, and she takes pride in keeping a close eye on the team’s gage handling and housekeeping habits. She is due to complete an advanced gage-handling course later in January.

A recent addition to the team is Miss Xie Ying, who, as CQC’s newest Final Inspector, transferred over from Ningbo General Bearing’s quality division. Xie Ying brings with her three years of bearing inspection experience, most notably in the field of vibration analysis, as well as a solid scholastic background including upper-level English study. Her training has been progressing steadily, and she has demonstrated the high degree of professionalism that General Bearing requires of the CQC team.