First Foreign Honorary Citizen of Rugao

Seymour Gussack

On October 27, 2002 Mr. Seymour Gussack, founder and Chairman of General Bearing Corporation, was awarded the title of “First Foreign Honorary Citizen of Rugao” by the People’s Government of the City of Rugao. Mr.Gussack was given a “Key to the City” in recognition of his contributions to Rugao. General Bearing Corporation’s President, David Gussack accepted the award on his behalf.

Rugao City Government Awarding Mr. Seymour Gussack as First Foreign Honorary Citizen of Rugao (Center – Mr. Lan Shaomin, Party Secretary of Rugao). Banner reads: Seymour Gussack, Honorary Citizen of Rugao, October 27, 2002.

The award ceremony was held at the Jiangsu General Bearing & Roller FactoryCo., Ltd. (JGBR) and attended by both Mr. Lan Shaomin, the Party Secretary of Rugao and Mr. Cheng Dexing, the Vice Mayor of Rugao, along with other delegates from the City of Rugao. Attendees from General Bearing included: David Gussack, President, Corby Self, Vice President of Ball & Roller Operations, Lingyan Li, Director of Business Development, Callie White, Technical Sales and JGBR Support, and Bill Strickland, Ball Manufacturing Development. Following the ceremony a dinner was held in the JGBR banquet room in celebration of this outstanding achievement.

The Jiangsu Provincial Newspaper,the Xinhua Daily and the Rugao Daily Newspaper covered this event.Television and radio stations from both Rugao and Jiangsu also attended the ceremony and interviewed the delegates from General Bearing.

The Government of Rugao is very pleased with the contributions that Seymour Gussack has made to their city with the success of the joint venture between JGBR and General Bearing Corporation. Mr. Gussack was named the First Foreign Honorary Citizen of Rugao for a number of reasons. Over the last three years General Bearing has made significant investments of both funds and technology to the JGBR operation. Seymour Gussack and General Bearing have helped to make JGBR the number one ball factory in China, employing over 300 people. General Bearing’s investment in technology has improved the quality of the product produced.

General Bearing Delegation at Rugao

The following statement was issued by the People’s Government of the City of Rugao (translated):

“With the fast development of foreign business enterprises in Rugao in recent years, there are more and more foreign friends coming to Rugao to invest and study the possibility of future development. The City’s Government has decided to award Mr. Seymour Gussack the title of Honorary Citizen of the City of Rugao. General Bearing’s presence inRugao sets a fine example and takes a big step toward an environment of caring business partners, comforting friends and prospering investors.We commend the achievements that the investors have made in the open-economy of Rugao, and hope to attract even more foreign friends coming to live and work in the City of Rugao.”