Ningbo General Achieves Prestigious Q-1 Status

Ningbo General Bearing is unquestionably fulfilling GBC's commitment to "Continuous Improvement."

October 18, 2000 dawned as an historic day in a season of great rewards. Over three hundred dignitaries and guests from China, the US, Japan, and Germany were on hand to join in celebrating two major achievements: the opening of NGBCs modern, new office complex; and the award presentation of Ford Motor Companys highest quality award, the Q-1 Most Favored Supplier status.

Prominent attendees at the event included:

  • Mr. David Gussack, President of GBC
  • Mr. Joseph Hoo, GBC Vice-President of China Affairs
  • Mr. Alistair Crannis, GBC Vice-President of Sales and Marketing
  • Mr. Li Ling Yan, GBC Director of Business Development
  • Mr. Sean Kurschat, GBC Automotive Division Sales Manager
  • Mr. Rong Wei Jun, President of NGBC
  • Mr. Shu Li Man, Mayor of Yuyao City
  • Mr. Mark McKnight, Ford Visteon Director of Supplier Quality.

The Q-1 is a prestigious supplier-achievement status, which must be formally petitioned from Ford. It can be awarded only after rigorous dedication to the strictest of quality systems has been demonstrated.

Conditions require that the candidate firm be:

  • a long-term supplier to the Ford Motor Corporation.
  • ISO 9001 certified.
  • able to prove a Continuous-Improvement process, in accordance with the Ford Quality Operating System (QOS).
  • in complete compliance with all elements of Ford’s QOS system.
  • able to produce a Ford Performance Matrix in which customers assess on-schedule delivery, product cost, quality, and supplier communication.
  • able to give solid evidence of positive customer feedback.

At this point in time, no other production facility in China has achieved this highly-prized quality award from Ford.

NGBC President, Mr. Rong Wei Jun, hosted the event, warmly welcoming guests from many business arenas, including leaders from all five GBC joint-venture operations in China. In his address to the large crowd assembled on the steps of the new NGBC offices, Mr. Rong referred to the moment as a “joyous day in a season of great fruitfulness.” He congratulated NGBC workers for their determination and hard work, then praised GBC for the strength of the thriving partnership.
Speeches of commendation were delivered by GBC President, Mr. David Gussack, and Yuyao Mayor, Mr. Shu Li Man. Representing the Beijing National Mechanical Bureau, Mr. Zhang Xiao Yu gave an address in which he praised NGBC as “a showpiece of modern Chinese manufacturing.” Visteon Corporation’s Director of Supplier Quality, Mr. Mark McKnight, also offered his congratulations, pledging Visteon’s commitment towards maintaining good relations with such dedicated, committed suppliers.

This said, Mr. McKnight happily presented the award plaque to Mr. Rong, along with a royal blue flag, emblazoned simply with two white letters: “Q-1.” David Gussack and Mr. Rong smiled proudly as the three men stretched out the flag for the cheering crowd, amidst the flashing of numerous camera strobes.

The second focus of the event was the dedication of NGBC’s state-of-the-art office complex; a shining, four-story edifice, replete with many modern amenities and up-scale working environments. Fully computerized, it mirrors the high levels of production technology that NGBC has achieved in its world-class manufacturing operations. The new office-facility’s doors were opened officially for the first time, and detailed tours of the building, as well as the entire plant, were given for the eager crowd. Ningbo General Bearing provided an opulent banquet after the ceremonies, where hundreds of friends toasted to continuing success.

NGBC, not to be accused of resting on its laurels, refuses to slow down. Under construction next door to the new offices is an imposing, 49,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant, which will contain both ring-turning facilities, and high-tech, automated production lines.

Simply another chapter for GBC and its joint-venture partners, as they move together along the never-ending path of Continuous Improvement.