If It's Not Broken, Why Fix It?

At General Bearing we believe that satisfaction with the status quo is a dangerous thing. We are engaged in a complete review of all our internal processes and procedures, looking for the opportunity to apply “best practice” and further improve our costs, flexibility and efficiency. With education and guidance provided by the Oliver Wight Companies, an international consulting firm, we are installing an Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) system in 2001.

Consistent with our commitment to customer satisfaction, superior quality, and continuous improvement, this closed-loop, information system yields effective planning and a better control of resources. ERP will improve on-time delivery which allows us the capacity for greater volumes. This system fosters improvement in the supply chain communication and coordination. Overall, it will ensure that we attain our goal of being the leader in the supply of high quality/low cost bearing products.

As always, we at General Bearing are working toward achieving Operational Excellence Certification at the highest level. Our people, at all levels, are committed to attaining and sustaining excellence in everything we do — in our business processes, in our system tools and in ourselves.