Seymour Gussack Slugs it Out with the Best of Them

ON ANY GIVEN DAY IN January, whether it be in Florida or Arizona, you'll find Seymour "Gus" Gussack, (our beloved Chairman of the Board) playing ball at "Fantasy Baseball Camp."

For one week, almost every year, he joins some of baseball's greats, such as Joe Pepitone, Tommy John, Hector Lopez, Elliot Maddox, Gene Michael, Graig Nettles, Mickey Rivers, Tom Tresh and Roy White of Yankee fame. Dick Allen, José Cardenal and Randy Hundley were among the former Chicago Cubs with Bob Gibson and Moose Skowron as coaches.

Just this year, Gus received the Lou Gehrig Character Award for "Outstanding Camp Participation, Durability, Love of the Game and Teammates" at Yankee Camp in Tampa. He also received the MVP award at the Chicago Cubs Camp in 1994.

To backtrack just a little (approximately 60 years), Gus fell in love with baseball as a young boy. At the age of 17, the New York Giants offered him a contract to play Class "D" ball, but he turned it down, opting instead for college. While at Stevens Institute of Technology, Gus decided to try out for their baseball team, was accepted, and enjoyed three years of play. Then the outbreak of WWII ensued, thus ending his "professional" baseball career forever.

But his love for baseball didn't end there--he played in the Navy, and also played on the Grant Hardware/General Bearing Industrial League Team.

Some might say Gus runs his business like he plays baseball--his love of the game and its challenges have made General Bearing an all-star in the bearing industry today.

So here's to Fantasy Baseball 2001. One wonders what trophies or awards he'll bring home next year!