It's All About Customer Service

Key members of the GBC engineering team
William Kurtz
VP of Operations
David Blake
Project Engineer
Robert Marcolini
Project Engineer
Mark Manegold
Project Engineer
Marc Yesowitz
Project Engineering Manager

GENERAL BEARING ENGINEERING COVERS A WIDE RANGE OF SERVICES. In addition to ongoing design work, our engineers are available for trouble-shooting, application and product testing.

Featured are some of the key people that contribute to GBC's vast engineering capability. These design engineers work hand-in-hand with our Quality Assurance, Industrial, Sales and Manufacturing Engineers to ensure customer satisfaction.

It Starts with Designing

When customers' needs require a custom design, GBC Engineering goes to work. Special sizes, materials and requirements are often the challenge. AutoCAD software is employed to design special ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, thrust bearings, tapered roller bearings, tapered journal bearings, ball transfers, spherical roller bearings and double-row ball bearings. Whether modifying existing products or designing from scratch, the aim is optimum performance at an economy that's appealing to the customer.

Always Available for Trouble-shooting

When a customer is testing our products, either for a new application or fine-tuning an existing application, GBC engineers are readily available for trouble-shooting. When circumstances dictate, they visit customers' plants to observe manufacturing processes on site. Reviewing assembly procedures often helps identify a solution. They analyze the situation, make a determination and provide a complete, written report to the customer. Forty-five years of General Bearing experience backs this problem-solving expertise.

William Kurtz, Vice President and Director of Operations notes, "Many customers have praised us for the availability and quick response on the part of our design engineers. We have been singled out, among bearing manufacturers, for our ability to assist customers with application questions."

Quality in Design Engineering

Since the advent of the QS-9000/ISO-9001 quality system at GBC, the engineering department has taken on additional tasks to provide a high-quality product to our customers.

Working closely with our partnered suppliers, the department is required to prepare APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) documentation and PPAP (Production Part Approval Plan) submissions for our customers. Initially, this process applied to our automotive customers only. Now, as more of our customers adopt these quality systems, quality plans are becoming part of the normal procedure.

Design control, which is part of the APQP process, is focused on consensus agreement between manufacturing, design engineering, and customer requirements. PPAP is a measurement and confirmation of how well those plans worked.

To accomplish these tasks, the department has created various tools. Using their expertise with computer programs, the engineering staff has initiated many efficiencies to speed these systems along. General Bearing has been using AutoCAD to create designs for close to 15 years so the majority of bearing designs are available electronically. Many of these tools are used to assist our customers with their application questions.

Undertaking New Projects

While the engineering department has assisted the sales and marketing department with expanding our customer base, they have also taken on several in-house projects.

This year, they are involved with updating our bearing testing facilities with the latest state-of-the-art technology. New, improved load application through load cells, and computerized data collection for temperature, vibration and torque, are being implemented. A new test rig for tapered journal bearings, designed from the ground up by GBC engineering, is nearing completion.

A newly implemented company-wide management system, has also afforded the department the opportunity to re-examine all existing department processes and propose improvements. This new system is based on network scheduling and will enable General Bearing to run its business with higher levels of customer service and productivity, simultaneously lowering costs and inventory levels.

Increasing Demand for Customer Service

The outstanding success of General Bearing's comprehensive engineering effort is seen in the increasing demand for its services. Under the capable direction of Marc Yesowitz, a graduate of Carnegie-Mellon with an M.E. in Engineering, the department has notably increased in size over the past few years.