GBC Pays Tribute to Bob Burkart and Al Prisco

TWO 40-YEAR EMPLOYEES—CORPORATE MATERIALS MANAGER BOB BURKART and Senior Plant Engineer Al Prisco-were special honorees at the GBC Service Awards Dinner held December 11th at the Colonial Inn in Norwood, NJ. Seymour Gussack, Chairman and David Gussack, President led a tribute to each, covering accomplishments and memories scanning a period of forty years.

Corporate Materials Manager Bob Burkart

Bob Burkart
Bob Burkart began his long and productive GBC career in 1959 in Mineola, NY, working in shipping and receiving while attending Farmingdale Technical College at night. When an opening for an Industrial Engineer came along, he applied and got the position. He was responsible for all cost accounting which included setting production standards and establishing wage incentives for the factory employees.

Bob continued in this capacity until 1967 when he further advanced his career by accepting a new position as Manager of the Purchasing Department.

In 1969, Bob took his many skills to General Bearing's new plant in Wilson, North Carolina. He stayed there 3 years, becoming Assistant Plant Manager. Subsequently he returned to West Nyack, and took on full corporate purchasing responsibilities. As part of his duties, he traveled extensively in Europe, Asia and South America arranging for, and serving as liaison with numerous overseas suppliers. Bob's subsequent involvement in establishing GBC joint ventures in China was a natural progression, and he continues this work today.

Bob resides in Harriman, NY. His two daughters and four granddaughters live nearby. A boat on Greenwood Lake serves as his hobby-he uses the boat mainly for relaxation and entertaining family and friends.

Bob Burkart sees the success and growth of General Bearing as "the result of a lot of good people working together as a team, spearheaded and driven by Seymour Gussack's vision."

Senior Plant Engineer Al Prisco

Al Prisco
Al Prisco began his many years of service in 1959 as Foreman of XLO Auto Accessories of Yonkers, NY. GBC bought XLO in '69, and Al joined us when the operation was moved to West Nyack. Here he advanced from Unit Foreman to Senior Foreman, overseeing the entire XLO operation. His experience equipped him for the work that lie ahead including key positions in Production Management, and eventually Plant Management.

Al's next challenge was to manage GBC's Maintenance Department and Machine Shop. He played a key role when General Bearing assembly operations were moved up from Wilson, North Carolina, to West Nyack.

In 1978, the company created a precision machine shop to make prototype samples of bearings for customers' testing and validation. Al brought his talents to this operation and eventually took it over. Result: a 90% sample-to-sales success. The shop also regularly met the varied tooling requirements for GBC assembly lines.

At the same time, Al continued his responsibilities as Maintenance/Machine Shop Manager. Over the years, Al kept our Rockland County facilities running smoothly. In 1996, when the company consolidated its three locations, he became Plant Engineer with total responsibility for all assembly plant and building systems. In addition Al's department designs and builds new machinery for the assembly and packaging of bearing products. In early 1999, he was named Senior Plant Engineer.

Al Prisco lives with Sandy, his wife of 26 years, and a daughter in Orange County, NY. He also has a son and daughter by a previous marriage.

Al is a veteran fly fisherman and a member of the Federation of Fly Fishers. He is a fly tying instructor with several of his creations exhibited at the Catskill Fly Fishing Museum. He's also been an accomplished musician, playing in live performances during the 50's and 60's.

Al Prisco gives credit "to Mr. Gussack for guiding the company skillfully regardless of business conditions. As a result all of us have good jobs, and our future looks most promising."

From his perspective, Chairman Gussack said, "You cannot, on one page, do justice to the contribution these two men have made to General Bearing. They have spent a majority of their lives helping this company thrive under all types of conditions, economic and otherwise."