East Manufacturing's Growing Success Rides on Hyatt Bearings

Ben Stein (L) and
Frank Mazzarino.

EAST MANUFACTURING CORPORATION OF RANDOLPH, OHIO is right up among the leaders in the production of specialty trailers for contracting, road equipment, agriculture and waste industry uses. And for the past 10 years virtually all their aluminum dumps, aluminum flatbeds, aluminum waste trailers and steel dumps have ridden on wheels and axles with Hyatt bearings.

The company was founded in 1968 in an 80' by 100' building where aluminum dump trailers were turned out "one at a time." Today East employs nearly 500 people in a 280,000 square foot facility and produces an average of 2300 units annually. Three new assembly lines, tripling their capacity, have just been added. East is a top specialty trailer manufacturer in the U.S.

Senior Buyer Frank Mazzarino, Jr. sees General Bearing as an important contributor to East Manufacturing's rapid growth." We use Hyatt bearings because of their quality, availability and price," he says. "In the past, we've waited as long as 12 to 16 weeks for bearing shipments from other manufacturers. Hyatt bearings are invariably available from stock the next day. They're top-quality bearings and their prices are really competitive significantly reducing our production costs."

Mazzarino especially appreciates the personal attention he gets from General Bearing-particularly Regional Sales Manager Ben Stein. "He calls on me regularly once a month and he's always available when I need him. Ben's genuinely interested in our progress. If I have even the slightest need, GBC always responds immediately."

"This is the kind of 'partnership' relationship I really value," Frank Mazzarino stated. "As a result of GBC's quality products, immediate deliveries and personal attention, we now routinely install Hyatt bearings in all our trailers. And as we develop new products, Hyatt will be an essential component. Hyatt bearings and the relationship with GBC play an important part in our success."