Profile: Mario Lambiase

Mario Lambiase, GBC's Fast-Track Sales Manager

Mario Lambiase

IN JUST THREE YEARS, MARIO LAMBIASE, SALES MANAGER of Ball Bearings, has proved to be a key member of General Bearing's sales team. Joining the Company in 1996, Mario was steadily promoted into Sales Management.

In 1992, Mario graduated with Dean's List status from Bloomsburg University. He went on to Moravian College where he secured his MBA and entered the work force at SKF. During his three years at SKF, he gained solid experience and training in product, customer service and sales.

In 1996, Mario accepted the position of District Manager with General Bearing. He was responsible for sales to large OEMs in the New England territory and provided assistance to the OEM National Sales Manager. In March of 1997, he progressed to the position of Regional Sales Manager for the New England territory. In this capacity, he sold to both OEMs and Distributors, increasing sales in the territory significantly. OEM sales increased 400% and Distributor sales by 30%, as a result of Mario's efforts.

By August 1998, Mario was appointed Sales Manager, Ball Bearings. With nationwide responsibility for an important product line, he immediately formulated a solid marketing plan. As a result, General Bearing is already making substantial inroads into three key areas--electric motors, business machines and outdoor power equipment.

Mario feels that GBC's position in the market demonstrates its ability to serve large-scale OEM manufacturers such as Ford, Pitney Bowes and Eastman Kodak. "We are uniquely positioned to meet their demands for consistent quality products at competitive prices through Ningbo General Bearing, one of our several joint ventures in China," he states.

He also comments that GBC's unusual manufacturing flexibility makes it possible to turn out special bearings to meet customers' specific needs. He notes that GBC's engineering support is always available, often aiding the customer in improving their product designs, and subsequently providing cost savings.

"We consider ourselves partners in the success of our customers," Mario declares, "and it works." For example, sales to Pitney Bowes, a GBC account for 15 years, have grown 470% over the past 2 years, and Eastman Kodak has signed an important 2-year contract.

Mario Lambiase's brand of product-line management is producing many outstanding successes. Ball Bearing sales figures for the first half of 1999 show gains of 27% over the same period in 1998. Mario's contribution is sure to continue to produce positive results.