Ningbo GBC Earns QS-9000 Certification

NINGBO GENERAL BEARING CO., LTD. (NGBC), NINGBO, CHINA, ONE OF General Bearing Corporation's three Chinese joint venture facilities, has earned the prestigious Quality Assurance standard QS-9000 certification. It is one of the few bearing manufacturers in China to have achieved this recognition. NGBC, which supplies ball bearings to the United States auto industry, also manufactures roller bearings as part of its product line.

QS-9000, which encompasses ISO 9002 for NGBC, is a quality standard developed in 1994 by the three leading U.S. auto-makers to bring about uniform quality standards at auto industry suppliers. It emphasizes defect prevention and the reduction of variation.

General Bearing President David Gussack said: "Ningbo's modern and efficient manufacturing operation has earned its place among the auto industry suppliers. It has proven its capability to meet the strict manufacturing criteria of the U.S. automotive industry, and this certification is further evidence of General Bearing's commitment to high-quality manufacturing."

General Bearing has been producing bearings in China since 1987 when it led the world's bearing industry into the region with the establishment of its first joint venture, Shanghai General Bearing Company, Ltd. The Ningbo plant, which opened in September, encompasses 100,000 square feet of production area. It has the capacity to produce about $30 million of bearings annually.