Consistent Quality Ratings Prove GBC to Be a Preferred Supplier

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SUPPLIER QUALITY RATINGS ARE AN IMPORTANT PART of General Bearing's customer relationships. These evaluations normally take place on a monthly basis and are a useful tool in assessing our total quality performance. Supplier Quality Ratings are based on three things: product quality, product cost and on-time delivery. We value these objective measurements as a way to gage our progress and help improve the value we offer to our customers.

There are many companies that support our efforts with these evaluations. We have supplied Xerox Corporation with ball bearings for their copier manufacturing division since 1972. We are currently in excellent standing with them having had zero rejects in the last 12 months. Consolidated Metco, a wheel hub manufacturer for trucks and trailers, has been a tapered roller bearing customer since 1995. From October of 1997, we have maintained an "A" rating. On our most recent rating from Con Metco, General Bearing received 98.7 out of 100 points. Gunite Corporation, also a wheel hub manufacturer and tapered roller bearing customer since 1984, rated General Bearing 96 out of 100 in a recent Supplier Quality Rating. Other major companies include Ford Motor Company, Unimotor, Invacare, Hayes Lemmerz, Eastman Kodak, and Pitney Bowes. All companies are long standing customers largely due to our high quality ratings.

The cornerstone of our operations, and a main reason we rate so highly with our customers, is our commitment to total quality management through our QS-9000 quality system. The basic objective of our QS-9000 system is customer satisfaction achieved through continuous improvement. All employees of General Bearing share the responsibility of total quality management and are committed to the goal of excellence in all products and services delivered by General Bearing. The implementation and success of this system is evident in the consistency with which we supply our customers with product that meets or exceeds their quality expectations. Supplier Quality Ratings are and will continue to be an important factor in measuring this success.