GBC Maintains Its QS-9000/ISO-9001 Certification

GENERAL BEARING CONTINUES TO demonstrate exceptional compliance to QS-9000/ISO-9001," according to an auditor from Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc. after our recent 6-month surveillance audit. These results confirm that GBC's aggressively-implemented quality assurance system is not only sound, but continues to yield sustainable results as the corporation continuously improves. General Bearing obtained the prestigious joint QS-9000/ISO-9001 certification after a rigorous multi-day audit in December, 1997 and must continue to demonstrate compliance every six months to maintain its certification.

One of the important aspects of the six-month, third-party audit is that it provides an exceptional opportunity for an outside quality-systems expert to critically evaluate our system and identify any new area of opportunity. These audits are performed properly and aggressively. As a result, our system continues to improve. Surpassing mere conformance,we are improving defect prevention while reducing variation and waste.

In the next six months, General Bearing Corporation will implement the newest (third) edition of the QS-9000 standard. As a result, a greater focus will be placed upon continuous improvement activities and the analysis of present activities.

Other noteworthy additions to the standard's requirements are: product safety, contingency plans, and laboratory accreditation. Product safety will formally require evaluation during design and manufacture. Contingency planning will be required to stipulate how we will continue to supply product in the event of an emergency. Finally, only the use of accredited laboratories will be sanctioned.