GBC/China Quality Center Up and Running

GENERAL BEARING'S QUALITY POLICY MAY BE SUMMARIZED by the following two objectives: to meet or exceed customer requirements, and to achieve continuous improvement. In keeping with this philosophy, GBC has established a modern and comprehensive Quality Center in China, run directly by the Quality Assurance and Technical


Services Departments in the West Nyack headquarters. Gregg Webb, a veteran of GBC's Quality Department with ten years experience, has relocated to China. He is currently our China Quality Center (CQC) Manager. As such, he is responsible for training and managing inspectors, conducting gauging and process-capability studies, and auditing facilities to ensure compliance to quality system requirements.

In an effort to streamline the system of inspection, as well as to reduce costs and assure on-time deliveries, it was agreed that direct, on-site inspections of materials, by General Bearing-trained inspectors was required. Top management in New York realized that communication delays between New York and GBC's various joint

ventures could effect the outstanding quality of service that is the GBC standard. The logical decision was to establish a direct arm of the GBC QA department in China, closely linked by fax, telephone, and E-mail to the West Nyack headquarters, and employing GBC-trained inspectors and staff.

Situated in the corporate offices of Ningbo General Bearing Company, Ltd. on China's eastern seaboard, the new center oversees the quality of all of GBC's joint venture manufacturers. Supplied with up-to-date measurement systems equivalent to those used in West Nyack, the Quality Center also has a full complement of domestically manufactured gauging systems, so that gauge correlation is possible between the different manufacturing facilities. Inspectors also audit raw material conformance as well as component suppliers' performance. They also perform final-audit inspections prior to overseas shipment. Quality issues are now addressed close to the source, saving considerable time and money.