Bill Kurtz: 10 Years of Valued Service Leads to Executive Appointment

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WILLIAM F. KURTZ has recently been appointed Vice President, Director of Operations for GBC. After ten years of dedicated service, he now takes his place on the senior executive team.

Bill came to GBC in 1988 after eight years of diversified engineering experience. His service as Plant/Development Engineer with a major packaging systems manufacturer and as Production Engineer for a defense contractor prepared him for the challenge that would lie ahead. Among his pre-GBC accomplishments was his work with the Mark VI Missile Program on Trident Submarines for the U.S. Navy.

Although Bill joined GBC as a Senior Project Engineer, he quickly progressed to Chief Engineer and then on to Vice President of Technical Services.

Now Director of Operations, Bill's responsibilities expand to cover all plant operations, manufacturing, assembly, shipping/receiving, maintenance/tool room, as well as production and inventory control.

Bill's faith in the strength of GBC systems and personnel is evident in speaking with him. "To meet the challenges of today's competitive market, General Bearing has made a firm commitment to applying today's technology to improve operating efficiencies. Our use of, and trust in, the QS-9000 system enables us to deliver a reliable product to our wide range of customers. Our personnel at all levels invest in General Bearing Corporation through their sharing of knowledge and information to continually improve our processes. Our goals of lowering costs and increasing output are achievable by the combination of the outstanding accomplishments of our people and their application of these systems and technologies."

At every step of his service, Bill has consistently evidenced superior management skills, creativity, and dedication to GBC and its mission.

Bill Kurtz is a graduate of Manhattan College with a B.E. and a M.E. in Mechanical Engineering and is a New York State Licensed Professional Engineer.

The General Bearing team can see only greater success for Bill, as he is most capable and highly respected throughout the organization.