Don Rouse

IMAGE imgs/rouse02.gifCONGRATULATIONS TO DON ROUSE, GBC Materials Manager, on his recent promotion. He has now assumed management responsibilities for the Purchasing Department. Don, a GBC veteran, brings a great deal of purchasing and industry experience with him to meet these new responsibilities.

In 1980 Don joined Fisco Industries, our former automotive division, as National Sales Manager. Shortly after, he moved on to Vice President of Sales & Marketing. By 1985 he became GBC's Director of Purchasing for automotive and industrial products, and once again was promoted in 1988 to National Sales Manager, Automotive Bearing Division. His broad experience with the Fisco division would prepare him for the jump to corporate-level responsibilities in 1990.

A graduate of Duke University '75, Don resides in upstate NY with his family. The GBC family congratulates Don on this promotion.