September '97: Shanghai General Receives ISO Certification

SHANGHAI GENERAL BEARING CO., LTD., A GENERAL BEARING joint venture in Shanghai, China, has successfully passed all tests, standards and conditions for ISO 9002-1994 Quality Systems Certification, as granted by "Vouching Technical Inspection, Ltd. (VTI)." This universally accepted inspection authority has a mutual recognition agreement with "Factory Mutual Research Corporation," their U.S. counterpart.

Shanghai General Bearing's Vice President, Li Lu-ming announced that since the founding of this Joint Venture in 1988, "We have been indebted heavily by the advice and assistance from General Bearing Corporation's U.S. headquarters in all areas of management, manufacturing and particularly, quality assurance. We feel that our having obtained ISO 9002-1994 certification is undeniably a demonstration of the fruit of our mutual cooperation in the past, and we hope to continue to achieve even better results in the future."