Bearing Up For 2,748,600 Miles...And Counting.

Product testing continues at General Bearing. As reported in an earlier edition of "The General Concept", testing facilities have been expanded and new tools and equipment are being added and improved regularly.

Recently, A-B tests were conducted on three tapered roller-bearing assemblies, the LM104949/LM104911, the 387AS/382A and the LM501349/LM501314. They were designed in West Nyack, manufactured at Shanghai General, and were tested against the product of our major competitor in tapered roller bearings. The competitor's bearings were provided from the production parts of a customer who manufactures rear axle differentials for the automotive industry.

As you can see from the chart, in all cases General Bearing's product exceeded the performance of the GBC competitor.

Life Endurance Test

These tests were run at very high loads and speeds and were run to failure--or three times the expected L10 life. In one case, the LM104949/LM104911, four bearings were allowed to run past the three-time limit. The bearings were tested in pairs, and two bearings were shut down at five times L10 life without failure. A second pair ran 10 times L10 life without failure. This occurred in over 326 days of continuous 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week testing at the full capacity.

The HM218248/HM218210 assembly is currently in test. This test was started in June of this year and is still running today. Currently these bearings have accumulated 295,775,000 revolutions at 1,500 rpm and a 10,000 pound load. The normal application load does not exceed 6,600 pounds and the speed does not usually exceed 600 rpm. The current equivalent mileage is 2,748,600 miles. The test is due to be suspended at 3,000,000 miles.

We will continue to keep you advised of future testing results in "The General Concept".