General Bearing Moves Ahead with QS-9000 and ISO 9001.

The international quality-management standard
QS-9000 being implemented by General Bearing.

Over the years, General Bearing's quality systems have been steadily improved and updated. The strength of our systems is evidenced by customer certifications from Ford, Xerox, General Dynamics, Pitney Bowes, General Motors, Invacare, American Association of Railroads (AAR), Gunite and many others. The next advance is the application of an international quality-management standard identified as QS-9000.

In 1994 General Motors, Ford and Chrysler jointly released a series of QS-9000 generic standards for quality management. These requirements are based on the International Standard ISO 9000. ISO 9000 was published in 1987 by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and has been adopted by at least 80 countries around the world. QS-9000 includes all of the requirements of ISO 9001 plus several specific sections added by the three automobile manufacturers. It is becoming a requirement for doing business with them.

Certification or registration to this standard requires an extensive audit performed by an independent third party not related to General Bearing or our customers. When completed, we will receive registration for both QS-9000 and ISO 9001. Although General Bearing has been certified by our major customers individually, QS-9000 and ISO 9001 registrations are considered universal and will greatly assist us in our efforts to increase market share and customer satisfaction.

David Gussack, President of General Bearing Corporation, is leading the new certification effort and has established our corporate quality policy as follows:

"General Bearing Corporation will perform all operations with the objective of delivering defect-free products to our customers on a timely basis. This will be accomplished through systems of defect-prevention and continuous improvement."

His enthusiastic support is further evidenced when he states: "QS-9000 is an integral part of our overall business plan which is aimed at our continuing growth in the world bearing market". All employees will be involved in designing for, implementing and maintaining this quality management system. It will require maximum support at all levels to maximize the benefits that can be derived from QS-9000.

The implementation of QS-9000 consists of audits of existing systems and changes, where necessary, to comply with QS-9000 requirements. This process is currently underway, supervised by a Management Council staffed by department heads who support and manage the implementation process. Howie Foote, our former National Sales Manager and past Director of Quality Assurance, is coordinating this effort on a consulting basis.

General Bearing Corporation has embarked on the mission to become QS-9000-registered, with a target date of October 1997. The motivation to undertake this task was based on customer requirements. As our implementation progressed, however, it became clear that the resulting improvements would benefit all departments, and the company as a whole. QS-9000 registration will make us more competitive in the market place, and further develop our customers' confidence in our operation.