Ningbo Hyatt Roller Co., Ltd. (NHRC)

Yuyao City, Ningbo, China

The Ningbo Hyatt Roller Company was originally conceived out of the need to have absolute control over roller supply and quality for the millions of tapered roller bearings manufactured by General Bearing/Hyatt.

After building up the capacity for that task, NHRC has gone on to become a supplier to the industry. Numerous international bearing companies rely on NHRC for finished roller products. Still others buy semi-finished product packaged sequentially out of rough grinding so that finish grinding/honing in sequence at a customer's facility may be easily achieved.

This self sufficient facility turns raw material in steel wire form into finished precision rollers without any external operations.

From Cold heading, through a custom built heat treatment system, to final grinding, NHRC exceeds the highest requirements of precision roller manufacturing.